The Pink!

Hi Dolls! I know that I am late getting to this post, but seven days remain in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m sure that like me, you’ve been personally touched in some way by this insidious disease. Annually, I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, that if purchased, support breast cancer research and awareness. Once again, some of our favorite brands have teamed to raise money for organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Look Good Feel Good and City of Hope. Peep the deets below on some of products that have gone pink for October. Also, take a moment while to learn some of the myths vs. truths about breast cancer.

And remember, giving is gorgeous! 

The Breast Cancer Myth. Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer.

The Truth. Only a small percentage of breast lumps turn out to be cancer.  But if you discover a persistent lump in your breast or notice any changes in breast tissue, it should never be ignored. It is very important that you see a physician for a clinical breast exam. He or she may possibly order breast imaging studies to determine if this lump is of concern or not. 

Take charge of your health by performing routine breast self-exams, establishing ongoing communication with your doctor, getting an annual clinical breast exam, and scheduling your routine screening mammograms.

Crème de la Mer Breast Cancer Campaign

Now, until December 31st, in support of the Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, La Mer will donate $10 from the purchase price of this limited edition Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream 0.5oz with a maximum donation of $52,680, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 

The Breast Cancer Myth: If you are at risk for breast cancer, there is little you can do but watch for the signs.

The Truth. There’s a lot that women can do to lower their risk, including losing weight if they’re obese, getting regular exercise, lowering or eliminating alcohol consumption, being rigorous about examining their own breasts, and having regular clinical exams and mammograms. Quitting smoking wouldn’t hurt either.

Some high-risk women also chose to have a prophylactic mastectomy to decrease their risk by 90%. They can take other proactive steps such as having regular MRIs, exploring chemo prevention with treatments such as tamoxifen, and participating in clinical trials.

Bobbi Brown Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzing Powder Set

Created by Bobbi in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’s 25th anniversary,  with every purchase Bobbi will donate $11 dollars to BCRF with a maximum donation of $90,000. 

The Breast Cancer Myth: Breast cancer always comes in the form of a lump.

The Truth. A lump may indicate breast cancer (or one of many benign conditions), but women should also be on the alert for other kinds of changes that may be signs of cancers. These include swelling; skin irritation or dimpling; breast or nipple pain; nipple retraction (turning inward); redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin; or a discharge other than breast milk. 

Breast cancer can also spread to underarm lymph nodes and cause swelling there before a tumor in the breast is large enough to be felt. On the other hand, a mammogram may pick up breast cancer that has not outward symptoms at all.

BCA Faux Fur Slides

From the Breast Cancer Awareness collection, Forever 21 will donate $1 from the purchase of every item sold between now and October 30th. Proceeds will be donated to The Keep A Breast Foundation.

The Breast Cancer Myth. A mammogram can cause breast cancer to spread.

The Truth. A mammogram, or x-ray of the breast, currently remains the gold standard for the early detection of breast cancer. Breast compression, while getting a mammogram cannot cause cancer to spread. According to the National Cancer Institute, “The benefits of mammography, however early, always outweigh the potential harm from the radiation exposure. Mammograms require very small doses of radiation. The risk of  harm from this radiation exposure is extremely low.

The standard recommendation is an annual mammographic screening for women beginning at age 40. Base your decision on your physician’s recommendation and be sure to discuss and remaining questions to concern you may have with your physician. 

David Yurman Starburst Single-Station Cable Bracelet with Pink Sapphires, 3mm

During October 2017, David Yurman is donating 20% from the purchase price of this Starburst bracelet with pink sapphires to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Breast Cancer Myth. Men do not get breast cancer; it affects women only.

The Truth. Quite the contrary, each year it is estimated that approximately 2,190 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 410 will die. While this percentage is still small, men should also check themselves periodically by doing a breast self-exam while in the shower and reporting any changes to their physicians.

Breast cancer in men is usually detected as a hard lump underneath the nipple and areola.  Men carry a higher mortality than women do, primarily because awareness among men is less and they are less likely to assume a lump is breast cancer, which can cause a delay in seeking treatment.

Clinique Great Skin, Great Cause Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness, this luxurious formula is paired with a pink BCA key ring. $10 from each purchase is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, dedicated to finding a cure.

The Breast Cancer Myth. Drinking milk (or dairy) causes breast cancer.

The Truth. Several myths persist about the correlation between dairy intake and the increased risk of breast cancer.  Over many decades, studies have shown that dairy consumption does not increase the risk of breast cancer.  

Alex and Ani Spiral Sun Charm Bangle

Beginning in January and continuing through December 2017, ALEX AND ANI will donate 20% of the purchase price* from each Spiral Sun Charm sold, with a minimum donation of $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation whose charitable purpose is to fund the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Myth. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you are likely to develop breast cancer, too.

The Truth. While women who have a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk group, most women who have breast cancer have no family history. Statistically only about 10% of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of this disease. 

If you have a first degree relative with breast cancer: If you have a mother, daughter, or sister who developed breast cancer below the age of 50, you should consider some form of regular diagnostic breast imaging starting 10 years before the age of your relative’s diagnosis.

If you have a second degree relative with breast cancer: If you have had a grandmother or aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer, your risk increases slightly, but it is not in the same risk category as those who have a first degree relative with breast cancer. 

If you have multiple generations diagnosed with breast cancer on the same side of the family, or if there are several individuals who are first degree relatives to one another, or several family members diagnosed under age 50, the probability increases that there is a breast cancer gene contributing to the cause of this familial history.

Beautyblender Bubble

We love a Beautyblender for everything from concealer and foundation application, to contouring. With a purchased of this blush-toned  bubble, Beautyblendwr is donating 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale each to Look Good Feel Better.

The Breast Cancer Myth. Breast cancer is contagious.

The Truth. You cannot catch breast cancer or transfer it to someone else’s body. Breast cancer is the result of uncontrolled cell growth of mutated cells that begin to spread into other tissues within the breast. However, you can reduce your risk by practicing a healthy lifestyle, being aware of the risk factors, and following an early detection plan so that you will be diagnosed early if breast cancer were to occur.

Venus et Fleur Floral Arrangements

I have been obsessed with Venus et Fleur floral arrangements since I started seeing pics of them posted on IG. So unique and stunning, the gorgeous suede boxes are full of perfectly pink roses that live up to a full year — no watering required. Venus et Fleur is donating 20 percent of the proceeds on the sale of its pink-collection boxes for the month of October to breast cancer research at City of Hope.

The Breast Cancer Myth. If the gene mutation BRCA1 or BRCA2 is detected in your DNA, you will definitely develop breast cancer.

The Truth. According to the National Cancer Institute, regarding families who are known to carry BRCA1 or BRCA2, “not every woman in such families carries a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, and not every cancer in such families is linked to a harmful mutation in one of these genes. Furthermore, not every woman who has a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation will develop breast and/or ovarian cancer.But, a woman who has inherited a harmful mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 is about five times more likely to develop breast cancer than a woman who does not have such a mutation.” For people who discover they have the harmful mutation, there are various proactive measures that can be done to reduce risk. These include taking a hormonal therapy called Tamoxifen or deciding to take a surgical prevention approach which is to have bilateral prophylactic mastectomies, usually done with reconstruction.  Most women will also have ovaries and fallopian tubes removed as well since there is no reliable screening test for the early stages of developing ovarian cancer.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Smashbox dressed up their best-selling Photo Finish Primer Water with the iconic pink ribbon exclusively for the Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign. For every sale, Smashbox will donate $5 to BCRF.

The Breast Cancer Myth. Antiperspirants and deodorants cause breast cancer.

The Truth. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) are not aware of any conclusive evidence linking the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants and the subsequent development of breast cancer.

Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Knockout Eyes Gift Set

The most colorful way to support breast cancer research: a deluxe collection with shades and essentials for high-style eyes. Estée Lauder will donate 100% of each purchase of this product to the BCRF.

And some more fun goodies!

Bumble & Bumble Pink Ribbon Bb Thickening Spray Pre-Styler

When you buy the limited-edition pink ribbon spray, we’ll donate 20% to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

S’well x Swarovski Brilliance Jolie

Encrusted with over 6,000 pink Swarovski crystals and adorned with a white crystal Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon, the Brilliance bottle is the epitome of stunning. S’well is proud to contribute 100% of the net profits of this limited-edition bottle to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s mission.

I hope that Dolls will make a purchase of at least one product on the list!

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,


Source: National Breast Cancer Foundation

The Season’s Hottest Sandals, Slides and Mules 

Hey Dolls! We’ve rolled into August, but it’s not too late to pick a few more summer pieces. I mean we have to get through Labor Day and those remaining “indian summer” evenings. Right about now, I am obsessing over slides. Back in the day we called them shower shoes or “man flops,” basically reserved for poolside or athletes. Nike and Under Armor  had a few styles. If lucky, you could pick up a pink pair; but that’s as stylish as it got. Enter Chanel’s Chain Flat Sandal and the Gucci Blooms Supreme Slide, and the slide/man flop was changed forever. 

Of course, Chanel’s twist on the slide included the iconic tweed, but with chain detail for edginess. 

Gucci went super feminine. Available in bouquets of pink or blue and green, these slides are just pretty. 

Simultaneously, Gucci re-fashioned the leather slipper; styled true to their aesthetic with Double G’s and a horse bit. 

Gucci White Slipper

Now, slides, mules – with or without a heels – and “slippers” are all the rage. From plain to uber ornate, there’s something for every Doll at every price point. 

Peep my selections for the seasons hottest slides, mules and slippers.

Sticking with Gucci, I am dying to pick up these leather high heel mules with double G antique gold toned hardware, set on a blue and red ribbon. Gucci calls it a “Web.” The stacked heel has a row of pearls and studs that are everything. 

Valentino continued the rockstud theme and introduced the PVC Slide Sandal. I am loving the chicness of the black with gunmetal pyramid studs.


Another favorite is the Tory Burch Vail Jeweled Flat Slide, available in navy and white. Embellished with bezel-set rhinestones and pearlescent studs, these will take you from poolside to a evening cookout. Clearly, I have a thing for pearls. 


Celebrities also jumped on the slides trend. First up, the Queen B with the Ivy Park Neoprene Lined Logo Slide Sandal. Definitely more casual and perfect for the beach. 

Not to be out-done, RiRi collaborated with Puma on the Fenty Bow Women’s Slides. Not my style, but apparently they are a hit with the younger set.

In an earlier post, I shared with you the cuteness of Zara’s Navy Slide with Floral Beads. These scream summer fun!

Zara also did an homage to Chanel, with a stylish and dressier tweed and pearl slide. 


For a true investment, a must-have is the Hermes Oran Sandal, brought to us 23 different ways. Available in Nappa and patent leather, cotton canvas, calfskin and more, Hermes dropped these on us over a year ago, and they remain the most stylish slide/sandal. 


Dolls, if you are like me, I am not quite ready to turn my attention to turtlenecks and over the knee boots. I going to do a little more slide shopping and continue to embrace every last moment of summer and sun.

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,


10 Pieces from Zara You Need this Summer

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Hey Dolls! I need to do a little summer shopping, just to pick up a few pieces for an August vacation. And like most Dolls, I love Neiman Marcus, forever known as  “Needless Markup,” Saks and Nordstrom; but Zara recently opened near me, so I decided to see what I can find. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed. Check out these 10 pieces to add to your summer must-have list.

White Blouse with Back Bows

Crisp and clean, this white poplin shirt with cuffs, collars and back bows can take you from day to evening. 

Fuchsia Blouse with Flared Sleeves

Need a pop of color, this A-line, three-quarter length sleeve blouse with gather in the back is perfect. 

Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress

I love dresses in the summer. This easy off-the-shoulder number is perfect for a summer night out. And while not everyone’s style, I love the pairing with silver booties.

Black Long Dress with Ruffled Hem

Doesn’t this dress scream cool and comfortable. I am loving the asymmetric ruffle along the hem and pockets.

Side Printed Flared Trousers

I already know the side-eye I am going to get on this pick. Surely a Doll has lost her mind, but these trousers will look hot with a white blouse or body suit, pointy kitten heels and the perfect clutch. Just sayin’! 

White Loose Jacket

Evenings get cool at the beach during the summer. You can throw on this jacket to keep warm on an evening stroll. But while you are at it, peep the whole look. Ca-ute!

Flounce Summer Sweater

So two things about this look – one, stripes scream summer to me; and two, I love an extra-long sleeve. Pair this summer sweater with white linen pants. Perfect for an evening party or boating, where you know there will be air conditioning or a cool breeze coming off the ocean. 

Asymmetric Ruffled Top

This top is too cute paired with shorts, jeans, pants or a skirt; it’s sure to keep you cool in the summer heat.

Floral Slides

Now I am a Jack Rogers Doll at heart, but slides are all the rage. These are perfect for a flirty poolside look.

Shimmery Stripped Wrap

Restaurants are always super cold in the summer; so a Doll always keeps a wrap in her bag. This also comes in a pretty salmon color.

What are your summer vacay go-to looks?

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,


Countdown to the Fourth

Hi Dolls! The 4th is four days away and I’m thinking cookouts, the beach, and evening fireworks. I’m not one to don holiday colors, with the exception of the 4th. I love to do a little Independence Day red, white and blue. Peep my picks below. 

Red …

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know my obsession with red lipstick. I tend to reach for matte reds, but in warmer months, I like to do a gloss. My choice for the 4th, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Socialite.

White … 

This crisp summer look was inspired by one of my uber stylish girlfriend’s, Shawna W. We were recently at luncheon and she had on a beautiful white linen maxi dress by Theory. The look screams the 4th and can carry me from day to evening.

Credit | Figtny

For a more casual look, how cute would it be to pair this dress with monogrammed white Chuck Taylor’s!

Credit | Etsy

Ok, I love a white manicure. Any of these are perfect for a Fourth of July manicure. I’d also add Opi Funny Bunny, a creamy white staple. 

Blue …

Part of the day will surely be spent poolside or on the beach. This calls for the perfect pedi. Why not do your take on flag blue. 

Credit | Readunwritten

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,


Let’s Party!

The holiday social season is in full swing, and as my Doll Alexia H.W. says, “You always need a gown at the ready, you never know when a gala will break out!” It’s true you know! Between now and the new year, evenings and weekends will be filled with holiday brunches, luncheons, parties and galas. The challenge is that the same friends, colleagues and family tend to be on the party circuit, meaning once you wear a frock, it immediately is taken out of rotation. What’s a Doll to do? There are a few online shops that have beautiful pieces; but I particularly love Net-a-Porter for dresses, bags and shoes! Below are a few items I am particularly loving this season. And even better, they are having a 50% sale right now! Happy shopping!

Image: Me in my favorite holiday frock!

I have been obsessing over jumpsuits this season. While not appropriate for every soiree, this Roksanda Margo black crepe jumpsuit, with bell sleeves is perfect for an evening cocktail party.

This flirty little Alice + Olivia Cina feathered mini-skirt is also party perfect!

I’ve also been doing a lot of lace – so classic and appropriate for a holiday gala. Loving the Estelle open-back lace gown by Rachel Zoe

Need some color in your life? Holidays equal red. Pair this Roland Mouret red satin pencil skirt with a beautiful Malene Birger Solar guipure lace top.

For the ultimate splurge, ring in the new year in this Tom Ford Velvet and tiered ombré feather maxi skirt. This number brings on a full-on swoon!

And for some shoes and bags I’m crushing on for the holidays, how about these Sophia Webster Maya bow-embellished suede sandals!

SJP has been killing the shoes game since channeling Carrie Bradshaw taking on NYC in her Blahnik’s. She’s now owning the shoe game in her own right with her eponymous line. These gorgeous Windsor crystal-embellished satin pumps scream holidays!

I did an earlier post on Edie Parker clutches. Her personalized Trunk Clutch adds a touch of whimsy to any holiday ensemble.

What will you be rocking for the holidays?

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,


Black Friday Coundown Pt. Deux

Hey Dolls! I am still on the Black Friday countdown and what I’m swooning over today are these Stuart Weitzman Gigi Boots. They make the perfect gift for a young (or not so young) woman in your life. Here’s the scoop. Mr. Weitzman always has a Black Friday sale, but your never know the details until super close to the day. I’ll be checking the site daily for the deets and will update The Pretty Domestic as soon as possible.

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,


Black Friday Countdown

Good morning Dolls! Happy FriYAY! If you’re like me, you can’t believe the holidays are next month, and Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I can always tell how quickly the holidays are approaching by the number of Black Friday emails inundating me inbox. It doesn’t make sense for me to be selfish and keep the swag to myself. So daily, between now and Black Friday, I’ll be sharing what I’m be adding to my virtual cart.

First up, Sephora!  Dolls know I love Sephora, so their site will be first on my list at 12:00 am Friday. Their Black Friday preview begins today. I’m going to use some travel time this evening to do a little virtual shopping and save my picks to my cart.

Let the countdown begin!

Until then, keep sharing the pretty,